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In the coming decades, we will experience a substantial increase in the number of seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, bringing an unparalleled need for dementia related services. To meet the growing demand for specialized dementia care, The Osborn is developing a dedicated Memory Care Center.

The Osborn Memory Care Center will be a uniquely caring, specially staffed, home-like setting designed to embrace the latest insights and advances in caring for residents with dementia. It is our vision that every individual in our care suffering from a progressive dementia-causing neurological disorder will:

  • Live in a happy, safe, and peaceful place;
  • Attain their individual optimal state of wellness and quality of life at every stage of the disease;
  • Experience the highest possible level of independence and dignity so vital to any quality of life; and
  • Benefit from the latest techniques and therapies to slow the progress of the underlying disease to the extent possible. 

It is our goal to support residents in cognitive decline and their families as they journey through The Osborn by addressing the needs, history, strengths and challenges of each individual resident.

The Osborn Memory Care Center will be a very special place, but more importantly, it will be a crucial resource for those suffering from dementia and for their caregivers and families. Your support of The Osborn Remembrance Ball will make this valuable community resource possible.

We thank you for your support!
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