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Pat Amoroso began her career at Mercy Medical Center as a Staff nurse in 1981, and subsequently moved into a Nursing Supervisor position in which her observation of how the movement of patients through various departments and phases of their hospital stay provided a sense of the value of nurses as advocates patients, and providers of comfort and reassurance to those in their care.

Moving on to Care Management position, Pat developed a new role that combined three disciplines, with  social work, utilization review and nursing joining to provide for a patients’ seamless recovery and return to the community with the services they need.

Growing leadership responsibilities moved Pat into a nurse management position on the Acute Rehabilitation Unit, where an interdisciplinary approach focuses on the delivery of kind and compassionate care to patients recovering from life changing illness.

A position then followed in Nursing Recruitment, with responsibility for hiring and retaining  staff committed to providing exemplary patient care. Pat sent all new staff member on their way with the parting words to “Please take good care of our patients.”

Currently, Pat is employed in the Nursing Education Department where she strives to instill a love of Mercy during orientation, followed by competency maintenance and encouraging growth within the nursing profession. Pat believes each  nurse is gifted with  hands to help others, eyes to see the needs of our patients, and ears to hear our patients concerns. Mercy is a haven where these values are supported and encouraged and,  we are all fortunate to be here.

Pat lives in Levittown with her husband of 39 years, Richard. They have three children, Stephen, Kristin and Lisa, and three grandchildren, two of whom have already participated in Mercy’ HUSH campaign. She is an active member of St. Bernard’s parish in Levittown, where she has taught religion for several years. She has also worked at Molloy College, providing adult education programs in Care Management and has volunteered in the Catholic Health Services Healthy Sundays program.

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