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For some, we may remember that one incredible coach or teammate who pushed us to our limits, demanded our best, encouraged us to strive for personal excellence or was our biggest role model. If you did, you understood the importance of their role and appreciated their influence in your life.

Together with Major League Baseball Charities (MLB Charities), The Partnership at Drugfree.org is in a unique position to promote healthy competition and recognize those coaches and student athletes who are making a difference in their communities. In fact, adolescents’ participation in extracurricular activities is generally associated with reduced risk of substance use. Student athletes are also less likely than non-athletes to smoke cigarettes or use illicit drugs, including marijuana.

Acknowledging the importance of the coach and student athlete roles, MLB Charities and The Partnership at Drugfree.org are proud to sponsor the 3rd annual Commissioner’s Play Healthy Awards. One exemplary student athlete and one outstanding youth coach will be chosen from candidates across the country because of their commitment to fair, clean competition and a healthy lifestyle. Our national search for extraordinary athletes and coaches always uncovers so many incredible individuals who improve the play of their sport through their values, spirit and leadership. 

Past nominees have displayed great character, demonstrated by their dedication to clean competition, the way they inspire others through this commitment, and their integrity and encouragement to those around them to strive for personal excellence. They inspire others to lead healthy lifestyles and have positive attitudes on and off the playing field. As such, they are leaders in their sport and in their community.

CJ Wilson, All-Star pitcher for the Angels, has been a proud supporter of The Partnership at Drugfree.org and this year, he will recognize the winners of the Commissioner’s Play Healthy Awards on stage at the Gala. CJ is a straight-edge, drug-free athlete and an exceptional role model for student athletes to achieve their goals through healthy play. We are honored to have CJ present the Commissioner’s Play Healthy Awards this year.

Through the Commissioner’s Play Healthy Awards, we are able to recognize the honorable contributions of these extraordinary athletes and coaches. Although there is only one winner in each category, we commend all of those who submit nominations and encourage them to continue being role models within their schools and communities. 

*If you know of an extraordinary student athlete or youth coach, submit a nomination today! The nomination period for the Commissioner’s Play Healthy Awards closes on Friday, October 26th, 2012. Visit www.drugfree.org/playhealthy to submit a nomination.


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