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Patricia F. Russo, Chairman-The Partnership at Drugfree.org

It’s my privilege to chair The Partnership at Drugfree.org. We are a unique organization driven to find solutions to the problem of teenage drug and alcohol use. For the past quarter century, we have worked closely with countless volunteers, media partners and supporters to make a difference in the lives of families and teens across the country.

Among the most noteworthy achievements of the past year was the launch of The Medicine Abuse Project, a multi-year initiative with the goal of preventing half a million teens from abusing medicine – and one that is already having an impact in helping to curb this epidemic through action and education efforts. We also unveiled Habla Con Tus Hijos, a new bilingual resource for Hispanic families who may struggle with this critical health issue, and we’ve continued providing direct services through our Parents Toll-Free Helpline, where day in and day out, highly-trained support specialists help callers on the path to addiction treatment services.

These extraordinary public health resources and successes would not have been possible and cannot be sustained without you. Every staff member, volunteer, partner and the work of our organization helps us achieve the final measure of The Partnership’s vital work – proven effectiveness in making a positive impact in children’s lives.

And in that spirit of collaboration, we are deeply grateful to you, our supporters from all walks of life, for your enduring loyalty, encouragement and generosity. We pledge to continue to earn your trust as we work toward our vision where all young people will be able to live their lives free of drug and alcohol abuse. Thank you.


Patricia F. Russo
The Partnership at Drugfree.org



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